Parent Engagement Policy

Mission Statement: The Everett Public Schools is dedicated to providing every child with high quality education. We foster respect for cultural and human differences within our school community. The Madeline C. English School encourages parents and guardians to become involved in their children's education. We are committed to developing a partnership between home and school, so that our goal to ensure that all children become successful lifelong learners can be achieved.

Family involvement is an essential component, for improved and sustain able academic achievement. The Everett Public Schools encourages all families to:

  • become aware of what your child is
  • ask questions about your child's progress and
  • support your child in his/ her

The Madeline C. English School offers various ways in which families can become involved in their children's school experiences:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Fall Festival
  • Literacy Night
  • Polar Express Family Night
  • Holiday Concert
  • District Wellness Olympiad
  • Field Day
  • Parent Teacher Organization Coffee Hour
  • Student of the Month Presentation

School/Family Engagement: A flexible number of meeting s will be offered to provide a variety of services  related to parental involvement including such things as monthly calendars, newsletters, home activity packets, and the translation of materials in multiple languages.

School Participation: Madeline C. English Parent Teacher Organization offers the chance to meet the building administrators, parent volunteers and Title I staff. Parents/Guardian s will learn about fund raising, school events, and how to become a parent volunteer. Title 1 staff will provide important information about the program and how parents can support their children in their learning. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend this event that takes place during the first month that school is in session.

Parent Teacher Conferences: The Madeline C. English School Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled, during the first, second and third quarters. These conferences will provide both the parents and teachers the opportunity to learn about the student. Teachers can provide work samples and discuss the progress and performance of your child, as well as grading and progress reports. During this meeting, the curriculum, forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress , and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet will be discussed.

School Council: The School Council, which consists of parents, teachers, Title 1 representatives, community members, and building administrators , will hold monthly meetings, throughout the school year. The workings of the school and the school’s participation in Title 1 will be reviewed. The School Improvement Plan, District Improvement Plan, along with any other school wide programs will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. In addition, the requirements and the right of parents to be involved will be explained.