Photo Album

A father and his two daughters arrive at the English School for Polar Express Night
A youngster, wearing a paper reindeer hat, at a crafts table
Two English School teachers sell English School T-shirts and sweatshirts
A row of elaborate gift bags are set up on the stage for the raffle
A mother and son
A girl smiles widely as she visits with Santa
Two students wrap presents
Two young students stand in the doorway to the gymnasium
A teacher and two students, who are proudly displaying the cutouts of green Christmas trees they’ve decorated
A student holds up a cutout of a green Christmas tree she’s decorated with ribbons
A boy rests his head on his mother’s shoulder
A young girl sits in her mother’s lap at a crafts table
Two female student volunteers, shoulder to shoulder
A mother with her left arm around the left shoulder of her son
Two members of the PTO, in bright-red Madeline English T-shirts
A mother holds her young son
Two people huddle for a photo at the cookie-decorating table
A woman leans over the shoulder of a girl who’s decorating a cookie
A woman stands behind three students
Music teacher and disc jockey Lauren Patrquin-Muise, in a red blazer, plays holiday music
A young girl standing next to her kneeling mother
A woman with a baby and an elementary-aged girl inside the English School cafeteria
A father and son
A boy visits with Santa
Two female teachers, smiling widely, sit side-by-side at the cookie decorating table
A volunteer opens a box of pizza
A woman and two young girls smile for the camera
A makeup artist paints the face of a young student
A teacher and three of her students stand at a crafts table
A father wraps his arms around the shoulders of his daughter
Two young students stand close together as they intently work on a crafts project
A teacher helps a student who’s decorating a tree ornament at a crafts table
Two female student-volunteers seated at a crafts table
Three young students visit with Santa
Two brothers, at the photo station, both holding decorative paper Santa hats over their heads
A father holds his daughter in his arms
A girl closes her eyes as her face his painted by an artist
Three members of the English staff at the ticket table
A group of five teachers and PTO members, three standing and two seated
A family of four, outside the entrance to the Madeline English School